Love From Permanent To Persistent
A permanent and persistent love is our motivation to innovate, design and develop

Since 1984, DEMBY Group team has been faithfully devoted to offering a wide range of innovative, practical and user-friendly products intended for better lifestyle for homecare, children and pets. Baby care brand DEMBY was initially created in 1999. As a leading industrial design company, DEMBY Group has been focused on comfort and convenience designs that covering various fields. DEMBY represents ‘Daddy, Mommy and Baby', we hope to deliver parents' loving care by offering our friendly-use nursery products.


The spirit of DEMBY Group is improving the lives of different generation. To make this vision further, DEMBY extended its product line to pet market in 2010 and named it YEAGLE. In 2013, DEMBY Group launched another new line for homecare market named FAMICA. Moreover, DEMBY will continuously develop reusable safety products in the future, in order to treat our environment with respect and to fulfill the social responsibilities. "With our advanced design, you can ensure your family a safer and better quality of life."

Our insistence on design and quality will be the best choice for you to take care of your family.